Yenn Frequently Asked Questions  (Last updated: 20171327)

Q: How to create account?
A: Send an e-mail to, including your
   motivation -- what do you want your account for; and with
   your desired login name.

Q: The time is wrong here!
A: Please set up your time zone.  Default is UTC.  Example:
   export TZ="Europe/Warsaw" in your .profile, or
   setenv TZ="Europe/Warsaw" in .cshrc

Q: Where is the server located?
A: It is located in a private flat in Lipno/Kujawsko-Pomorskie,

Q: There's no package [package name] I need...
A: Ask requests@ and we will install and set up this package for you.

Q: Can I use FTP to log in to yenn?
A: You can't, please use SFTP.  A free Windows client is at

Q: Where can I find documentation?
A: Server related documentation is being held in the /doc directory;
   there's also functioning ``apropos'', ``man'', and ``info''.

Q: I need access to cron, is it available?
A: Yes.

Q: My e-mails from your service keep bouncing due to your address
   being listed in some blacklist.
A: We can't do anything about this.  Spam and blacklists are
   nightmare of modern e-mailing.  All you can do is trying
   to delist our IPs from the blacklist provider.

Q: Can I run an IRC bot here?
   Generally: no.

Q: Can I run a bouncer here?
A: Generally: no.

Q: Can I publish web pages with yenn?
A: Yes, there are plenty ways of doing so.  Look at /doc/publishing.

Q: What is that /home/mylogin/www/cgi-bin/php file in my home
A: It's a wrapper around PHP interpreter.  You need this file to run PHP
   scripts on your web pages.  You can edit this file to, for example,
   alter path to php.ini should you customize php config file.  In
   cgi-bin you can place your cgi scripts, too.

Q: How can I run CGI scripts on my website?
A: All files with .cgi suffix in your www directory are treated as cgi
   programs.  You can put your scripts to ~/www/cgi-bin. They will
   be treated as cgi programs regardless of suffix.  (You need to chmod +x
   those files, too.)

Q: My web doesn't work.  My browser says the access is denied.
A: Please run ``fixweb''  It's a script to fix your webpage's permissions.

Q: I'd like to host my domain here, is it possible?
A: Yes, please ask requests@.

Q: Do you provide ~ websites?
A: Yes, put your web in ~/public_html, it'll appear as

Q: Where is my backup?
A: Please do backups on your own.

Q: How large is the quota?
A: It varies from time to time.  It should be large enough to store
   some data and/or websites.  There're also some memory and processes
   limits, but they aren't too restrictive.  Larger amounts of data
   can be stored in /ud.  There's no quota on this partition, but
   also there is no backup scheduled for this partition.

Q: How fast is the server?
A: It's an old hardware.  Bandwidth of the network is also tight,
   so CPU/RAM/network intensive jobs are not suitable here.

Q: Can I run a resources intensive job on your server?
A: No, because more resources cost more money.  The CPU must be
   mostly idle.  That means more than 90% idle for most of the time.
   You can take it to the max, but only for small amounts of time.
   Please be reasonable.

Q: Why I can't reach IRC server/network X?
   Because of possible abusive behavior conducted from yenn to this server,
   and/or because of abusive behavior of people on this server/network
   towards yenn.  It is also possible that you have reached maximum
   number of concurrent connections that this network allows; in which
   case you shall request more possible connections on your own.

Q: Why was IRCnet blocked on firewall and all IRCnet-related free shell
   users removed in October 2011?
A: Because of illegal/abusive nature of (people on) this particular
   IRC network.  We received too much abuse related to this piece of
   the Internet.  In the future all such sources of illegal/abusive
   activity will be blocked on the firewall, and related users removed.

Q: I'm behind firewall that blocks SSH, how to log in?
A: sshd is also listening on port 443 (https.)

Q: I can't connect using SSH.  The client is telling me that it can't
   exchange keys.
A: It is possible that your host has been caught by denyhosts.  Please
   wait for an hour to get unblocked by denyhosts.

Q: I need acces using TELNET.  Is it possible?
A: Yes, telnetd is running on `yenn', but it is by blocked by default
   from the outside.  If you need TELNET then we can add firewall rule
   for your IP class(es), so you can access `yenn' using TELNET.

Q: Why you still allow TELNET?!
A: Because some people out there are still using old TCP/IP stacks, for
   example on DOS or C64.  Working SSH software is hardly available for
   these systems.

Q: Can I browse and post to USENET using my shell?
A: Yes, USENET proxy server (leafnode) is set up on yenn, with a handful
   of command line USENET clients.  If you need feeds from a different
   news server, please e-mail, so we can add
   this server, or servers, for you.

Q: Do you run a gopher server?
A: Yes, pygopherd is running.  User gopherspace is available in the
   /gopher directory.

Q: Do you run TOR hidden service?
A: Yes, ports for http, telnet, ssh, and IRC are available under

Q: I need newer gcc.
A: Newer gcc(s) are in /usr/pkg/gcc*.

Q: Can I play a classic BSD game here?
A: Yes, they are in /usr/games, try `games' at your prompt.

Q: Shortly after I run my job on your server, you blocked my
A: It isn't easy decision to block your account, believe me.
   But we must be very careful of what you are doing on our
   servers.  Sometimes we may be wrong -- maybe you didn't do
   anything wrong, just the admins were too suspicious looking
   at your processes.  Take a deep breath and relax.  And if
   you still want to use your account -- write to requests@
   and explain this.  It is very probable that the admins
   will unblock you, and maybe just give you an advice on what
   *not* to do.

Q: Where can I read about system changes or a system status
   in case of more than a few days unavailability?
A: News about power outages, panics, hardware failures and
   and in general downtimes are in /doc/news.  Longer
   unavailability status is at:

Q: How to access Facebook or Twitter using a text mode browser?
A: You need to have cookies enabled in the browser.  There are
   shortcuts for both social platforms on yenn after issuing
   commands such as ``facebook'', or ``twitter.''  (But remember
   about the cookies).

Q: I have question not answered here.
A: Don't hesitate to ask the admins.  We are reachable via  Also -- look at files in /doc,
   they're sometimes helpful.


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